Gymnastics Now, CGA announce partnership to provide high-level coverage of NCAA men’s gymnastics

By Gymnastics Now | January 12, 2023
Gymnastics Now, CGA announce partnership to provide high-level coverage of NCAA men’s gymnastics

Gymnastics Now and the College Gymnastics Association are joining forces for the 2023 season to help accomplish our shared goal of providing insightful coverage of NCAA men’s gymnastics. 

GymNow and the CGA will exchange NCAA men’s gymnastics content to serve each publication’s audience and provide readers with a range of perspectives on the sport. The CGA’s weekly power rankings will appear on the GymNow website, for example, and some of GymNow’s coverage of individual meets and features will be run on the CGA site.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the CGA and expanding our coverage of men’s NCAA gymnastics for the 2023 season,” said Gymnastics Now publisher Patricia Duffy. “No one knows this sport better than the athletes themselves, so we’re thrilled that former Minnesota captain and accomplished reporter Alex Wittenberg has joined our team as our dedicated men’s NCAA writer. His knowledge and commitment to helping grow the sport will be a key part of this effort.”

Duffy founded GymNow in 2020 after having covered gymnastics for a range of outlets for more than five years. The publication aspires to serve all gymnastics fans with quality reporting on the top male and female athletes in the NCAA and across elite. 

The CGA strives to raise the profile of NCAA men’s gymnastics and serves as a standard for collegiate sports organizations. It aims to grow the number of NCAA programs beyond the current 15 teams. 

“The CGA is thrilled to announce our partnership with Gymnastics Now,” said CGA president and Penn State head coach Randy Jepson. “Gymnastics Now has proven to be a top-tier gymnastics publication since their founding, and we are excited that they are building out their men’s NCAA gymnastics coverage this year. This partnership is sure to enhance our mission to raise the profile of men’s gymnastics. We’d like to thank Patricia Duffy for prioritizing our sport and look forward to working with her and her team moving forward.” 

GymNow and the CGA will collaborate throughout the season to bring NCAA men’s gymnastics fans insights into the top teams, gymnasts, and the many storylines sure to play out in 2023. The organizations intend to remain partners in the coming years to help grow the fanbase for men’s gymnastics.