USA Gymnastics announces spring international assignments, Suni Lee not on list

By Patricia Duffy | February 27, 2024
Sunisa Lee on bars, performing her new skill – the full-twisting, laid-out Jaeger – during warmups at the 2024 Winter Cup.
© Amy Sanderson/Gymnastics Now

Suni Lee has been training the full-twisting Jaeger for two years, but she’ll have to wait a little longer to get the new skill named after her in the Code of Points.

Lee was not on the list of athletes given international assignments for the spring by USA Gymnastics on Tuesday.

She had made her desire to compete at the Baku World Cup clear in recent weeks, wanting to go to Azerbaijan, compete a watered down routine centered around the skill, get it named, and check it off the list so she could shift her focus to the Olympics. But Lee fell on the skill during Saturday’s senior women’s competition at Winter Cup, after successfully executing it in every other attempt while in Louisville (like training and warmups) and throwing into question whether the selection committee would opt to send her to Baku after all.

“Personally, I feel like they should [send her to Baku],” Lee’s coach Jess Graba said after the meet Saturday. “She proved herself, that it’s ready to go. She needs to compete it.”

Lee said she would be mad about the fall “for a really long time,” but it’s better it happened during a small domestic meet rather than when it mattered on an international assignment or at the Olympics.

To get the skill, which has never been successfully competed by a woman, named after her in the Code of Points (the rulebook for elite gymnastics), Lee would have to compete it without major fault at an international, FIG-sanctioned meet like a World Cup, continental or world championships, or Olympic Games.

See below for the list of U.S. gymnasts heading abroad this spring.

USA Gymnastics international assignments for spring 2024

Note: Participants for the 2024 Pacific Rim Championships and the City of Jesolo Trophy will be named later in the season.

Baku World Cup, March 7-10

  • Reese Esponda — Roots Gymnastics
  • Patrick Hoopes — U.S. Air Force Academy
  • Katelyn Jong — Metroplex Gymnastics
  • Stephen Nedoroscik — EVO Gymnastics

International Gymnix, March 9-10

  • Lavi Crain — Great American Gymnastics Express
  • Addy Fulcher — Bull City Gymnastics
  • Claire Pease — WOGA Gymnastics
  • Tyler Turner — Airborne Gymnastics Training Center

DTB Pokal Team Challenge and Mixed Cup, March 15-17

Senior men’s team

  • Cameron Bock — University of Michigan
  • Riley Loos — Stanford University
  • Yul Moldauer — 5280 Gymnastics
  • Curran Phillips — EVO Gymnastics
  • Shane Wiskus — EVO Gymnastics

Junior men’s team

  • Sasha Bogonosiuk — Gymkhana Gymnastics 
  • Hasan Aydogdu — Meadowlands Gymnastics Academy
  • Kiran Mandava — Cypress Academy
  • Adam Lakomy — Sunburst
  • Nathan Roman — Agility

Mixed Cup

  • Fuzzy Benas — University of Oklahoma
  • Dulcy Caylor — World Champions Centre
  • Addison Fatta — Prestige Gymnastics
  • Nola Matthews — Airborne Gymnastics Training Center
  • Kai Uemura — Lakeshore Academy of Art Gymnastics

Doha World Cup, April 17-20

  • Stephen Nedoroscik — EVO Gymnastics
  • Curran Phillips — EVO Gymnastics