U.S. National Team members Carey, Wong, Eaker, and Thomas perfect in Week 2

By Hannah Johnson | January 19, 2023
Jade Carey - Oregon State
Oregon State's Jade Carey performs on floor during the 2023 Super 16 meet in Las Vegas. (© Amy Sanderson)

Former and current U.S. National Team members earned a total of six perfect 10s during Week 2 of the NCAA women’s gymnastics season. Check out their routines below and let us know which is your favorite.

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Jade Carey’s exceptional double-twisting Yurchenko

Tokyo 2020 Olympic vault finalist Jade Carey wowed at the Wasatch Classic with her big double-twisting Yurchenko – a rare vault to see in college. Gymnastics fans were quick to point out that she appears to have hopped backwards on this vault, which would warrant a deduction. However, the judges must not have caught it.

Leanne Wong floats to the first of two perfect 10s

As an elite, Leanne Wong is the reigning U.S. national champion on bars. Here, she transfers her greatness over to the NCAA with a floaty Maloney to pak salto release combination.

Kara Eaker is world class on beam

Kara Eaker shows us why she is a two-time world beam finalist with her flawless execution.

Leanne Wong continues flawless night on beam

As an elite, Wong won the balance beam title at the U.S. Classic last summer. Her elite training allows her to continue delivering breathtaking beam routines like this one.

Trinity Thomas floor debut is the stuff of dreams

This is Trinity Thomas’ 22nd perfect 10 and 11th of her career on floor exercise. Dating back to last season, the past five floor routines she has performed have all gone for perfect 10s. She continues her race toward breaking the NCAA perfect 10 record, which is 28.

Jade Carey doubles her way to dominance

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold medalist on floor demonstrates her abilities with difficulty uncommon to NCAA gymnastics. Her routine features a double-twisting double tuck and a front layout through to a double pike. Some fans believe she did not show fully-controlled landings on her tumbling passes and, therefore, should have received deductions. It seems as though the judges did not hold this opinion.