Opening weekend perfection: Trinity Thomas, Suni Lee flawless to start college season

By Hannah Johnson | January 11, 2023
Suni Lee - Auburn
Auburn sophomore Suni Lee competes on beam during the 2023 Super 16 meet at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. (© Amy Sanderson)

One of the trademarks of women’s college gymnastics is the everlasting perfect 10. It’s a goal for most college gymnasts to achieve just one perfect mark during their entire career, but the first 10s of the season went to two gymnasts who are no stranger to perfection: Trinity Thomas and Suni Lee.

Trinity Thomas nabs first 10 of the season in quad meet

It didn’t take but a day before we saw our first perfect 10 of the NCAA gymnastics season. This one came from Florida fifth year Trinity Thomas on balance beam at Florida’s quad meet against Ball State, Lindenwood, and West Virginia.

Thomas is no stranger to perfection, with this being her 21st perfect ten of her career. She continues to chase down the record for most perfect 10s in an NCAA career, currently shared by Kentucky alum Jenny Hansen and UCLA legend Jamie Dantzscher. The pair is tied at 28.

Watch Thomas’ routine that got her one step closer to history below.

Suni Lee’s impeccable start to final NCAA season

Suni Lee earned her own balance beam 10.0 during session 4 of the Super 16 meet against UCLA, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Her sixth-career perfect 10 was highlighted by her showstopping side aerial layout stepout to layout stepout acrobatic series.

Lee announced in November that this is her last year at Auburn, and she’s already making this a season to remember. Gym fans are soaking in every NCAA routine from her, especially this one. The rest of the sophomore’s routines were also superb and led her to a 39.750 all around score, the highest across all four sessions of the Super 16 meet.

We cannot wait to see Suni make the most of her last season. See her routine below.