The GOAT is back: Simone Biles to make competitive return at U.S. Classic

By Karyssa D'Agostino | June 28, 2023
Simone Biles salutes during the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Championships.
Simone Biles salutes during the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. (© Jessica Frankl)

After months of speculation, USA Gymnastics announced the lineup for August’s U.S. Classic in Chicago, and a very notable name is on the roster: Simone Biles.

Biles will join 2020 Olympic teammates Sunisa Lee, Jade Carey, and Jordan Chiles when she makes her competitive return after a two-year hiatus August 4-5 at the NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Speculation of the gymnast’s return has been running rampant for quite sometime with her coach, Cecile Landi, saying she was “thinking about 2024,” Biles posting about the nuisance that is random drug testing (which doesn’t happen if you’re retired), and with pictures and videos of her in a leotard or messing around at her gym, World Champions Centre.

Biles last competition was the Tokyo Olympics, where she won silver with her team and bronze on the balance beam despite a case of the twisties causing her to withdraw from the remainder of the women’s finals.

The 26-year-old has had a jam-packed schedule in 2023 thus far, including some major life changes that may have held off rumors for a little bit longer: Biles spent much of the last year planning her wedding to NFL star Jonathan Owens, with many of WCC’s elites in attendance at her bridal shower and the wedding earlier this spring.

However, it was confirmed last month that Biles was training again when WCC elite Tiana Sumanasekera reflected on what training next to the 7-time Olympic medalist is like:

“Yeah, it’s awesome. She comes into the gym to train sometimes, and it’s so cool training and being next to the best gymnast in the world, of course,” said Sumanasekera. “She’s just the most down to earth person, and she’s so supportive, so sweet, always cheering for her teammates, and always saying hi to everybody. So it’s just so surreal. So I love her. She’s awesome.”

Biles’ team did not respond to Gymnastics Now’s request for comment after Sumanasekera’s interview, but now we know exactly what the Olympic gold medalist was gearing up for and, like gymnastics fans everywhere, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see Biles back in action.