Simone Biles says the Olympic Games have become a trigger for her

By Patricia Duffy | August 4, 2022
Simone Biles says the Olympic Games have become a trigger for her
Simone Biles (left) and Cecile Landi (right) at the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. (© Jessica Frankl)

A year after the Olympic Games that rocked the gymnastics world, Simone Biles hasn’t retired, but she hasn’t announced her return to the sport, either, leaving fans to wonder whether or not she’ll make a push for Paris.

Just two years out from the 2024 Games, Biles shared this week that the Olympics have become a trigger for her as she continues to go to therapy for “things that have happened throughout career and life.”

In an Instagram Q&A, a user asked, “Do you ever wish you hadn’t left the Olympics early?”

Biles responded, “I didn’t leave the Olympics early? I stayed the entire time supporting the team. Do I wish it happened differently? Ehh, maybe, but I TRULY believe everything happens for a reason.”

“I’m still in therapy trying to cope with a lot of things that have happened throughout career and life,” the 25-year-old continued. “It’s so crazy because the Olympics is the pinnacle of most athletes’ careers! And it has been for mine, too. 2016 was the most amazing timeframe of my life, but sadly enough, it’s become such a trigger for me lately. Like I said, I don’t think it’s JUST the Olympics. I think it’s been an assortment of things.”

It’s clear Biles has used the past year to take a step back from the sport and focus on herself, planning her upcoming wedding, taking care of her dogs, and enjoying her 20s.

That being said, she didn’t answer any questions related to a potential comeback, despite excited fans undoubtedly asking. 

The seven-time Olympic medalist and 25-time world medalist dropped a hint after Tokyo that she wasn’t done yet, texting coach Cecile Landi that 2024 is on her mind.

After the credits rolled in the finale of the Facebook Watch docuseries, “Simone vs. Herself,” Landi was asked if we’ll see Biles again, to which the French coach smiled and nodded.

“Actually, she texted me a couple days ago, and she said… ‘Haha, tell me why I’m thinking about 2024,'” Landi recalled. “And I sent a little gif like ‘Hmm,’ and she responded with a haha.”

That exchange, combined with the fact that Biles has been vocal about being drug tested at ridiculous hours (you are subject to random drug tests until you formally retire), tells us she hasn’t made up her mind just yet, but for now, gymnastics can wait. The GOAT is putting her mental health first – as she should.

One thought on “Simone Biles says the Olympic Games have become a trigger for her

  1. Therapy for “things that have happened throughout career and life.” this is very strange and not normal in itself. The world is very large and varied, and sport does not cause the disappearance of States and their Cultures, reactions to personalities that accompany when sport has a level higher than recreation, the level of Staff. level, the National Team, athletes create a personality that does not need to be washed, this is normal, and you do not need to do any therapy. it’s quality, high-quality development. I do not write about recreation. Therapy and looking for a different personality is bad. Simon is a great athlete, at the world level. She lost the Olympics in Tokyo and it was an uncomfortable shock for her. Everything. The rest is searching for the words of creation. In addition, there were no powders, forbidden! to concentrate. They were there for a long time. Two weeks. The allowed number of drugs was limited. Athletes, gymnasts in the world, he does not imitate her. These are individualities, without writing about the details.

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