Simone Biles teases Yurchenko full-in, Amanar, and more in new training videos

By Patricia Duffy | December 18, 2023
Simone Biles during podium training at the 2023 Core Hydration Classic.
© Amy Sanderson

Simone Biles woke up Monday morning and chose to shock the gymnastics world with not one but eight new training videos. Among them? A Yurchenko full-in, the return of the Amanar and triple-double, and much more.

Disclaimer: The 27-time Olympic and world champion is wearing different leotard in these videos, so it’s safe to assume they’re not from the same day. But Biles is wearing a Green Bay Packers hoodie in one (an ode to her husband, Jonathan Owens), so it’s safe to assume some, if not all, are recent.

Biles started her posting spree with a mild (for her) laid-out double twisting-double back, getting incredible height on the skill.

She kicks it up a notch in the second clip, with the return of the Amanar – a Yurchenko 2.5 – and a simple “!!!!” caption. Biles hasn’t competed the Amanar since 2021, when she balked on the vault during the team final at the Tokyo Olympics.

Until recently, the 26-year-old was focused on getting the Yurchenko double pike (same entry as the Amanar, can’t be competed together) named after her. Since she achieved that feat at the world championships this fall, could she be bringing the Amanar back? The YDP, as it is often referred, is notoriously difficult, and Biles has been candid about it being a challenge, even if she makes it look easy. OR could the Biles 3 be on the horizon?

That’s right, after the Amanar Biles posted arguably the most insane/impressive/incredible clip of the series when she shared herself doing a Yurchenko full-twisting double back – aka a full-in, since she does the full twist at the beginning.

Moving on to bars, Biles executed a difficult inbar on her “weakest event” (read: she has no weak events) while teammate and bars specialist Zoe Miller looked on laughing. She captioned it “if only” and tagged Miller.

The next skill was an ode to German beam queen Pauline Schaefer, who is credited with the creation of the side somi 1/2, aka the Schaefer.

“I finally figured it out,” Biles captioned the skill, which she did on a soft mat. “This one was so tricky for my brain to comprehend.”

What didn’t seem to be too tricky for Biles was bringing back the tucked triple-double, which she executed with her signature tornado-fast twisting. The Biles II also hasn’t been seen in competition since 2021.

More bars mastery was afoot in the penultimate clip, with Biles previewing a Maloney to Shang that was missed by mere fingertips.

Between that connection, the Yurchenko full-in, Jam, and Schaefer, Biles effectively teased a ton of potential new skills that she could incorporate into her routines in 2024.

The last skill was also an oldie but a goodie – the Biles 1 on vault! Before the YDP, there was the OG Biles, aka a Yurchenko 1/2 on, double twist off, which she competed in 2018 and got named at the world championships that year.

All in all, it’s safe to say Simone Biles gave her fans the best Christmas gift – being able to watch her in awe and dream of what she’ll achieve in the upcoming Olympic year.