NCAA women’s gymnastics: Week 10 Power Rankings

By Gymnastics Now | March 16, 2023
Florida's Riley McCusker and assistant coach Owen Field during the Gators' away meet at Arkansas.
Florida's Riley McCusker and assistant coach Owen Field during the Gators' away meet at Arkansas. (© Hannah White/Florida Athletics)

Each week, Gymnastics Now’s NCAA women’s gymnastics writers – Patricia Duffy and Hannah Johnson – will share their Power Rankings for the top 10 women’s teams, providing insight into why certain teams are trending up and others trending down.

These rankings are purely subjective. A (+) or (-) next to each team will signify how far the team rose or fell compared to the previous week.

Hannah Johnson headshot

Hannah Johnson

Intern, NCAA Women

1. Oklahoma (+5)

The Sooners were back in top form this week in their final home meet. A 49.75 on floor in the final rotation led Oklahoma to a team total of 198.4. They are the clear favorites for the title. No one has looked more unbeatable than Oklahoma.

2. Florida (+3)

The Gators managed a 198.175 at an away meet without key contributor Victoria Nguyen. Additionally, sophomore Riley McCusker seems to have found her stride nicely, with a 9.925 on bars and 9.95 on beam. She could be Florida’s secret weapon in the postseason after struggling to make lineups at the beginning of the season.

3. UCLA (+1)

This Bruin team is really impressing me. They went above a 198 for the second-consecutive week. This is a completely different squad from that of last year. UCLA has a realistic chance at the championship title for the first time in a while.

4. California (+5)

I have been WAITING for this one. The Golden Bears hit the 198 mark in both of their quad meets this weekend. This seems to signal that California is peaking at the right time. They have a legit chance to compete for the Pac-12 title. Beam, which is the make-or-break event in the postseason, looks outstanding for the Golden Bears.

5. LSU (+2)

I cannot stop singing the praises of this team. On paper, there is no way the Tigers should be scoring 198 with multiple injuries to key contributors. Still, this team can hang with anyone in the nation. They continue to impress me, especially given all they have endured this season.

6. Michigan (-5)

The Wolverines had moments where I felt they were underscored this week, but I also felt like they got gifts in other places to make up for that. As a result, I think a high-197 was actually very accurate for this team.

7. Utah (+1)

The Utes were a bit off on vault this week. They seem to once again be missing Olympic silver medalist Grace McCallum on the event. They are going to want to get more consistent on vault to move up in the rankings.

8. Kentucky (unranked)

The Wildcats get the edge here because their 197.8 this week came on the road under Big Ten scoring. Raena Worley is really elevating her gymnastics and is on the verge of leading this team to a deep postseason run.

9. Michigan State (-7)

The Spartans were not able to repeat their 198 performance from Week 9, but they still put up a respectable 197.8 at home. This team is one to watch at the Big Ten Championships.

10. Oregon State (unranked)

Respectfully, the Beavers’ 197.95 in Week 10 was not quite accurate. However, their bars are much improved and scoring a season-high 49.55 on bars, their weakest event, a week before conference championships puts them in a great place.

Patricia Duffy Fiske

Patricia Duffy

Founder, Gymnastics Now

1. Oklahoma (+4)

Now that the dust has settled following Michigan’s upset win over Oklahoma… I still think the Sooners are the No. 1 team in the nation, if because of nothing else than the fact that they have been performing at a postseason level literally all year – they were pushing 198 in Week 1! But they’re beatable, and there’s multiple teams that could beat them. Let’s talk about them…

2. Cal (+7)

Ooh buddy, I’ve been waiting on this one! Back in the first Power Rankings of the season, I put Cal at the top, and I feel like my choice has been validated. This team put up two scores of 198+ in a matter of less than 72 hours last weekend. They’re peaking at the right time and are exceptional on beam.

3. UCLA (-)

It was another 198+ for the Bruins this week and a 10 and the highest all-around total in the country this season for Jordan Chiles. The Bruins are rolling, and you can’t help but root for them under first-year head coach Janelle McDonald. While I think Cal has the edge right now in momentum, I think this team could realistically win its first national title since 2018.

4. Michigan (-3)

Eh, Michigan’s 197.825 against Georgia isn’t really anything that concerns me. Still think they’re a title contender, just an off week… if you can call a near-198 “off.”

5. Florida (-3)

Look, the 198+ from Florida was yet another impressive mark, and we all know the Gators are title contenders, but the real story this week is Miss Riley McCusker, who went 9.95 on beam and 9.925 on bars after missing lineup spots much of the season. The entire gymternet is rooting for the Toe Point Queen who narrowly missed a spot on the U.S. Olympic team and has been through hell and back in her career. If there is a sign the world (or at least gymnastics) is healing, this is it.

6. LSU (+1)

I’m in the same boat as Hannah – how this team is doing this is beyond me, but gosh, it’s impressive. That being said, this is the one time a week I can give my opinion so I’m giving it: I respect Haleigh Bryant and her ability to perform flawless routines, but the three 10s last week was a reflection of how bad the judging has gotten in NCAA and the dire need for reform. The athletes, fans, and sport deserve more than this. Rant over.

7. Utah (-1)

I debated on whether to put Utah or LSU in this spot, especially since Utah was the victim of some asinine judging at Oregon State last weekend… *side eye* … but vault is clearly still a concern, so they’re staying put in my rankings.

8. Denver (-4)

I knew last week’s 198.150 performance from the Pioneers was more of a high than an average, but I still gave them credit for putting together a stellar meet. That being said, they were back to the low-197s this week, so for me, the jury’s still out on whether this team has what it takes to make it to nationals.

9. Michigan State (-1)

The Spartans have returned to a little bit more realistic scoring after their 197.800 at home against Northern Illinois in Week 10.

10. Oregon State (unranked)

Despite the Beavers’ egregious home scoring last weekend, I’ve got them rounding out my top 10 over Kentucky because they’ve hit 198 this season… Also, there social media manager deserves a raise.