NCAA women’s gymnastics: Week 3 Power Rankings & meets to watch

By Gymnastics Now | January 27, 2023
Katherine LeVasseur - Oklahoma
Katherine LeVasseur (© Matthew Smith/Oklahoma Athletics)

Each week, Gymnastics Now’s NCAA women’s gymnastics writers – Patricia Duffy and Hannah Johnson – will share their Power Rankings for the top 10 women’s teams, providing insight into why certain teams are trending up and others trending down.

These rankings are purely subjective. A (+) or (-) next to each team will signify how far the team rose or fell compared to the previous week.

Hannah Johnson headshot

Hannah Johnson

Intern, NCAA Women

1. Oklahoma (+3)

After some slight missteps, Oklahoma cleaned up a lot of little things en route to a 197.925 against Utah on Sunday. Their 49.65 vault rotation looked to be in championship form.

2. Florida (+1)

While this certainly was not Florida’s best performance, the Gators showed they are able to go on the road and hit their routines. Once they finesse their floor exercise landings, their scoring potential will greatly increase.

3. Auburn (unranked)

The Tigers recorded a season high 197.5 at their home meet against Arkansas last Friday. Olympic all-around champion Sunisa Lee and teammates Cassie Stevens and Derrian Gobourne have put this team in a great place to contend for another Four on the Floor this season.

4. Ohio State (unranked)

The Buckeyes are the real deal this year. Outscoring numerous top teams this weekend, this team has all the momentum to keep improving. Bars and floor continue to be the Buckeyes’ best events.

5. Utah (-)

The Utes showed some nerves during their first real away meet of the season. They need to clean up their bar routines to earn top scores again.

6. LSU (+1)

The Tigers continued to show great poise with their home victory this week. Look for their balance beam score to increase to a number that matches their scores on the other three apparatuses.

7. UCLA (-5)

In a very similar situation as LSU, UCLA needs to work on cleaning up its beam routines if it wants to be in the championship picture by the end of season.

8. Michigan State (unranked)

With their huge victory over in-state rival Michigan, the Spartans have lots of momentum. Little details, such as dismount landings, can be cleaned up to further increase the team’s total score.

9. Michigan (-8)

The 2021 national champions looked a bit off all meet against Michigan State. Dropping a meet against the Spartans for the first time since 2007 could stifle the Wolverines’ momentum a bit. Moving forward, they’ll need to find a new approach to balance beam if they are looking to contend for the title again.

10. Oregon State (unranked)

With other big teams such as California, Denver, and Kentucky scoring below their potential, Oregon State gets the last spot in my top 10. The team was able to score above a 49 on bars, a huge moral victory that also propelled them to a team score of 197.2. My only question is: will the Beavers be able to perform like this for the rest of the season?

Patricia Duffy Fiske

Patricia Duffy

Founder, Gymnastics Now

1. Oklahoma (+2)

Oklahoma is looking… very Oklahoma-y. (Don’t @ me for this profound analysis.) The proof is in the pudding; we’re heading into Week 4 and the Sooners are the team to beat, but they seem to have more challengers than ever this season.

2. Florida (+2)

Florida didn’t have the best meet for Florida against Bama, but you can’t expect the Gators to be perfect every week. They’re still breathing down OU’s neck for that official No. 1 spot.

3. Auburn (+4)

I got to see Auburn compete against Arkansas in person last week, and I have two thoughts: 1) Some of the fairest home scoring out there, and 2) The Tigers have plenty of untapped potential.

4. Utah (+2)

Utah went on the road to face the defending national champs and matched their season-opening 197.275. No serious concerns here.

5. California (-)

Yea, Cal didn’t have the best meet against Arizona, failing to break 197, but I see it as a plateau, not a permanent regression.

6. Michigan (-5)

Michigan’s loss to Michigan State was… a bit concerning. I’m also not convinced it wasn’t more than a fluke or early season nerves. Nonetheless, to go from being the only team to break 198 this season to sub-197 is something to keep an eye on.

7. UCLA (-5)

UCLA’s beam needs improvement – everyone knows that – but also, when you’ve got Jordan Chiles making epic saves and her teammates are right behind her, fighting for every tenth despite mistakes, you can’t help but be optimistic.

8. Ohio State (unranked)

Ohio State looks legit. This is an exciting team with great potential. If they can up the ante on vault and beam, the Buckeyes could be serious challengers in the postseason.

9. Denver (-1)

Denver drops one just because of some lineup questions last week. Their matchup against OU could be one of the best of Week 4.

10. Michigan State (unranked)

You can’t not put Michigan State in the top 10 of a power ranking after its upset against No. 3 Michigan and the momentum the Spartans are taking away with that result. Maybe it will be the feather in the cap for their season, or maybe it’s the start of something special. TBD.

Meets to Watch

Season is in full swing! Here are some of the exciting matchups we’ll be watching this weekend. All times are ET.

Friday, January 27

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