MyKayla Skinner hospitalized with pneumonia after contracting COVID

By Patricia Duffy | January 5, 2021
MyKayla Skinner in hospital with pneumonia after contracting COVID

Team USA’s MyKayla Skinner Harmer had COVID-19, and now she is in the hospital with pneumonia.

The 2016 Olympic team alternate, who is currently training for the Tokyo Olympics, revealed on her Instagram Stories Monday evening that she has been hospitalized with pneumonia after dealing with lingering issues from her COVID diagnosis, which she contracted from her husband, Jonas.

“Life update! Jonas caught COVID from a a business trip a month ago and he was fine, but I still have lingering problems. We quarantined, and I only went back to gym when it was safe, but it’s still been difficult, and it turns out today I developed pneumonia. Thankful for all the doctors and everyone’s support!”

Skinner’s news comes just days after sharing a clip of her first real tumbling pass in “months.”

Although this is certainly not an ideal way to start the Olympic year, we’re wishing MyKayla Skinner a swift recovery and hope to see her back in the gym soon.

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