Kim Zmeskal, Liang Chow headline new National Gymnastics Curriculum

By Patricia Duffy | May 29, 2020
Kim Zmeskal, Liang Chow collaborate on new National Gymnastics Curriculum

Kim Zmeskal, Liang Chow, Yin Alvarez, Jake Dalton, and more have teamed up to contribute to the National Gymnastics Curriculum (NGC).

The NGC is a gymnastics training course for coaches that aims to provide uniformed education to “instill certain philosophies, principles, standard gymnastics etiquette, and general curriculum.”

The course curriculum ranges from recreational gymnastics to elite gymnastics and centers around the positive approach philosophy–”where negative reinforcement techniques are erased.”

NGC’s website says, “It is imperative that the sport focuses on empowering gymnasts through encouragement and mentorship, not thorough fear tactics, consequence training, and victimhood mentalities. NGC promotes training for real gymnastics at its highest caliber, and it’s been proven across all sports that positive feedback and positive reinforcement leads to greater success at a faster rate.”

Coaches taking part in the curriculum will go through two main types of training courses: lecture sessions and practical application.

The lecture training portion of the curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including the sport’s history, recreational coaching, competitive coaching, ethics, character, and mentoring.

After lecture training comes practical application, which consists of skill progressions, skill techniques, spotting methods, and safety precautions. The practical training section begins with recreational gymnastics and ends with elite-level training.

In the practical training section, coaches and athletes like Zmeskal, Chow, Alvarez, Dalton, and more lend their knowledge of the sport in a real-time setting.

NGC was designed to be used as auxiliary education to standard USA Gymnastics educational material.

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Credit: National Gymnastics Curriculum/YouTube

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