5 US gymnasts currently cooking up new skills in training

By Patricia Duffy | September 29, 2020
5 U.S. gymnasts currently cooking up new skills in training

At least five U.S. gymnasts have shared clips of new skills in the past week that, if performed successfully on the international stage, could be named after them.

Beyond medaling at an Olympics or World Championships, having a skill forever named after you in the Code of Points is one of the most coveted achievements a gymnast, especially at the international elite level, can attain.

While Simone Biles has become known for pushing the boundaries of the sport, she’s not the only member of Team USA who wants to permanently etch their name in the COP.

Keep scrolling to see what some of the country’s other top athletes have been cooking up in the gym lately!

1. Yul Moldauer | Parallel bars

Yul Moldauer is training what seems to be a variation of a Yamamuro (G), which is a peach basket through to handstand to Makuts.

To the untrained eye, the skill Moldauer performs in this video may seem like a plain ole’ Yamamuro, but the variation seems to come in his hand placement, specifically when he gets both hands on the single bar at the same time.

Whether this variation would be counted by the FIG as a different skill is unclear, but the creativity and willingness to try something new is to be commended. Time will tell if Moldauer incorporates this into his parallel bars routine for the coming Olympic year.

2. Karis German | Uneven bars

World Champions Centre’s Karis German is putting together a stunning bars routine, featuring a stalder “Nabieva” that would be the “German” if competed on the international stage.

A Nabieva is defined by the COP as toe-on Tkatchev layout or, in technical terms, a “pike sole circle bwd with counter stretched – reverse hecht in layout position over high bar to hang.” It is rated as a G in the current COP.

German has already successfully competed this skill at a domestic competition.

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3. Faith Torrez | Floor exercise

Legacy Elite’s Faith Torrez has been keeping a BIG secret! The U.S. National Team member was training a TRIPLE back pre-coronavirus, and it wasn’t just for kicks. The gymnast was showcasing the absurdly difficult skill at National Team camp, and by the looks of it, Torrez could definitely be the first female gymnast to land this skill in competition.

4. Aleah Finnegan | Uneven bars

Aleah Finnegan could very well make the Olympic team if she keeps pushing her limits on bars.

We’ve recently seen inklings of her training a full-twisting Gienger, and she seems to have gotten the Deltchev 1/2 down pat. So much so that, most recently, she shared a clip of her performing the difficult skill, which would be the “Finnegan” if competed internationally, connected to a Jaeger!

5. Eddie Penev | Floor exercise

Eddie Penev does it all! From climbing seemingly every mountain in Colorado to pushing his limits in the gym. The 2017 World team member is training an absolutely insane whip half + laid out Zapata–a double front with 1.5 twists. That element in its tucked form is a G in the current code of points, but this version has yet to be successfully competed. Will Penev be the first?

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