2022 U.S. Classic: Jayla Hang vaults to junior women’s title

By Patricia Duffy | July 30, 2022
2022 U.S. Classic: Jayla Hang vaults to junior women’s title
Jayla Hang competes on beam at the 2022 U.S. Classic. (© Lloyd Smith)

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – It was the final rotation that pushed Jayla Hang to the top of the junior women’s leaderboard at the Maverik Center on Saturday afternoon, where she finished on her best event: vault.

The Pacific Reign gymnast busted out a common senior vault, a double-twisting Yurcheko, to secure the junior all-around and vault titles with a 52.800 and 14.150, respectively.

The win comes mere months after Hang officially qualified for junior elite at the 2022 Winter Cup, where she finished 9th. Since then, she’s attended national team camp, where she met her role model, Sunisa Lee, and now, she’s looking forward to U.S. Championships in Tampa, Florida, next month.

“I feel like I’ve achieved a lot already [this season], and it feels great that I’ve come so far,” Hang said after her win.

After two days, two sessions, and eight rotations of competition that featured 28 up-and-coming elite athletes, session 1 leader Hezly Rivera (WOGA) still hung on to the silver medal in the all-around (52.450) and nabbed the balance beam title with a 13.650.

First State’s Audrey Snyder rounded out the all-around podium, winning the bronze with a 51.450. Her highest score of the day came on beam with a 13.350.

On bars, RGA’s Kieryn Finnell and WOGA’s Madray Johnson tied for the title with matching 13.250s. GAGE’s Annalisa Milton rounded out the apparatus winners with a 13.250 on floor.

Another standout routine came from Hang’s training partner and best friend, Simone Rose, who finished third on beam with a 13.250. The set was speedy yet precise, with the 14-year-old confidently attacking the beam. The set featured an excellent double back handspring to layout step out series and a beautiful two-and-a-half twist to dismount.

“I do really like beam,” Rose said. “I just always think about it’s just me and the beam, just doing what I like to do and just showing them how I do it.”

  • Jazmyn Jimenez – Gym Olympica USA
  • Jayla Hang – Pacific Reign
  • Audrey Snyder – First State
  • Simone Rose – Pacific Reign